Scorpia scorpia vol. 1

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(And yes, there is the fact that IDW has previously established that Transformers are genderless in their continuity, but let's not kid ourselves about what we're seeing here.)

During the Original Sin storyline, Morlun senses the opening of the vault into which a girl named Cindy Moon was imprisoned, following her being bitten by the same spider that gave Spider-Man his superhuman abilities. Morlun refers to Moon as the Spider-Bride and the spinner at the center of the web. [10]

Gibbon, apparently restored to his simian appearance with the related abilities, is left with his personal life in shambles. His attempts to side with the heroes are frustrated by his ineptitude, and even Princess Python, previously a caring and loving wife, has now become fed up with the meek loser Gibbon is reverting to. Out of boredom and depression, he replies to an ad posted on the Daily Bugle by Fiona Fitzhugh, a spunky and cheery young scientist hoping to study the nature of superpowered individuals. Her experiments fling both of them into a reality populated by simian version of the Marvel Heroes, and destroy the machines that could have been used to bring Gibbon back. Fiona supposes, due to Gibbon having his powers since birth, instead of gaining them in puberty as the majority of the mutants (thus making Gibbon more similar to mutants like Multiple Man and Nightcrawler ), and being "drawn" to that particular reality, that Gibbon may be connected somehow to the Simian World. [15]

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Some will vehemently refuse to admit it exists. Others really don't care about the brand beyond it. Regardless of opinions, Transformers engaging in or pursuing ...

Bazooka and Crazybolt had developed a close bond during their adventures on Metascan Omega , leading acting-captain Magmatron to wonder if he would have to perform a Conjunx Ritus in the near future. Intersectionality

Scorpia Scorpia Vol. 1Scorpia Scorpia Vol. 1Scorpia Scorpia Vol. 1Scorpia Scorpia Vol. 1